Welcome to NDDT – North Doncaster Charity

Who are we?

North Doncaster Development Trust (NDDT) is one of South Yorkshire’s largest Development Trusts, with over 30 dedicated members of staff working on a variety of regeneration projects to improve the local economy, build thriving communities and encourage enterprise.

Mission Statement

North Doncaster Development Trust promotes social, economic and environmental regeneration within our communities.

Our Aims

  • Improving the quality of life in our community
  • Helping people into work
  • Supporting small and emerging business
  • Supporting voluntary and community groups

Where did we start

The Trust started out with a collection of people interested in improving the communities in North Doncaster. They received support from the Ward councillors, Doncaster Council staff and other agencies in developing an organisation that aimed to support the community groups in North Doncaster and to improve the local economy. Finances were secured from Objective 1 and Yorkshire Forward to provide an office base and sufficient staff to commence delivering projects that created workspace and employment in the north Doncaster area.

Where are we going

Since the Trust began in 2002, we have grown from strength to strength moving from grant dependency into a more business orientated operation. NDDT’s business development team is always looking for opportunities to ensure that we continue to provide and develop our current support services and enhance NDDT’s future sustainability by having a balanced and strategic focus on what our communities want.  NDDT is also involved in regional and national partnerships to increase the potential for making lasting changes.

How are we going to get there

NDDT’s skills, experience and contacts have created the dynamic and innovative organisation that we are today. Our staff is the most valuable asset, and we aim to keep them happy and motivated in a variety of ways. This includes access to excellent training programmes, on-the-job training and conferences. We encourage flexible working conditions with a considerable amount of autonomy and responsibility in job roles.